Selecting the best from 'Bubble Bubble' and 'Snow Brothers', with a very positive response, has developed this game. It consists of all 4 chapters and a total of 60 stages. Giving bonus games makes it more exciting.

The Happy Hunter is a shooting themed prize game that offers the potential of awarding players the largest ever prize pay-outs. The Happy Hunter is utilize Limenko's patented technology that allows you to convert your old Limenko' games into new games by just changing a software cartridge. In this game, players can enjoy gun shooting video game while they might be won a prize for high score.
The "Dynamite Bomber" is about our three heroes Mic, Mae and Dan, exploring the world, giving a hard time to native gangsters maneuvering the world of disorder. They shall encounter gangsters in Hong Kong, Nazis in Germany, etc.

The new version comes with easier control interface. Players use just two-way joystick and 3 buttons.

How to Play? Face them with the "Bombs". Player can throw their bombs directly to enemies or their structures. Or you can lay lots of bombs at strategic point and fire them away altogether for a maximum impact. And you can scheme a pattern bombing for which player array bombs in a row along the enemy's path and structures. Fire one of them and all the bombs explode one by one.

Each character has it's own specialty: Mic can command a Charge Shot, and Mae can order an untouchable Flash Move, while Dan fly free.

Throughout the history of numerous disturbances, China has successfully tied over the difficulties with the help of heroes with bravery and wisdom.

Go back to the history of war and adversity; take an active part of four heroes defending their country against barbarians slaughtering innocent people, and save your motherland groaning in pain.

It features four-player play, variety of fight skills and weapons, and six spectacle stages with seven enemy bosses, unconventional adventurous stage map, threatening hidden booby traps.

Link up 2 cabinets, up to 4 players can play at a time as a team.

Variety of fighting skills and powerful blows

Unconventional adventurous stage map

Threatening booby traps

Various weapons; arrows, daggers, bombs, guardian ancestor, etc.

Battle Bubble is about two lovely mice fighting against rascals who kidnapped their girlfriend. In their way to rescue her, they encounter “bubbles” in their way. See how they wipe out the bubbles with bubbles.

If features 32 stages, and basic rule requires players to pop off all the bubbles in their way to clear stages. Throw your bubbles into the bothering bubbles in mach of color to pop and remove.

Protect yourself from the troublesome bubbles by blocking up with your bubbles. Collision with the bubbles deteriorates player's health. Tricky traps like icy stage and boss stages make players even harder to deal with. In couple play mode, game could be easier or harder according to harmony with his or her partner.

Feel the new touch over the dance machine. Take the rhythm under control. Just follow scrolling arrows then you will make fantastic dance and be a dancing hero. Get on the dance floor. And step forward, backward, left, right or any combination when scrolling arrows overlaps with static arrows at the top of the screen.

Players can select from Easy, Normal and hard play mode according to their experiences, and single, couple, double and battle play mode are ready for advanced player as well as hidden games for experts.

TechnoX features most advanced back dancer embodied by marvelous 3D graphic artwork, unique play mode and 30 great songs including ten European techno music, ten greatest dance music and ten Korean dance music. Music can be customized. Guaranteeing reliable system performance and good sound quality