::: Aviation Headset(Fold-upType) :::

HS-700 goosneck flexible mic boom HS-710 metal ball swivel mic boom HS-720 metal hinged mic boom HS-730 goosneck metal mic boom Extremely light and strong at 1.2oz Excellent noise reduction rating of 26dB Clear frequency response of 20-17,000Hz distortion free through entire range Stereo/mono/volume control on right earcup Swithch selectable full stereo or mono operation Adjustable open foam cushioned headbend remains comfortable on long flights Soft, open foam ear seals feel great and maintain the noise reduction rating with glasser Left earcup volme control - also controls volume for both sides in mono operation Standard .250 gold plated headphone plug Standard .206 gold plated microphone plug Quick response electret mic with muff Noise cancelling filter amplified system electret microphone White, Black other color domes with logo