Genre : Action Adventure

VIDEOGAME KIT : Dynamite Bomber Cartridge with POWERSYSTEM2 and a Link up Cable

Connector : JAMMA

Control : 4 Way Joystick / 4 Button

Throughout the history of numerous disturbances, China has successfully tied over the difficulties with the help of heroes with bravery and wisdom.

Go back to the history of war and adversity; take an active part of four heroes defending their country against barbarians slaughtering innocent people, and save your motherland groaning in pain.

It features four-player play, variety of fight skills and weapons, and six spectacle stages with seven enemy bosses, unconventional adventurous stage map, threatening hidden booby traps.

Link up 2 cabinets, up to 4 players can play at a time as a team.

Variety of fighting skills and powerful blows

Unconventional adventurous stage map

Threatening booby traps

Various weapons; arrows, daggers, bombs, guardian ancestor, etc.